7 Best Place Sell Photos Online

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7 Best Place Sell Photos Online

Dipastein – 7 Best Place Sell Photos Online, Who buy stock of photos and what kind of photos sell the best ? The largest stock photo is bloggers and small and medium-sized business owners.

What kind of images do they buy the most?

  • People – children, adults and all between countries and culture!
  • People working – these images are very popular with companies. People are working on laptops, writing, speaking at a meeting, etc., do not make them so generic they become a meme.
  • Food – Different types of delicious dishes, even unwashed plates.
  • Tools – gears, hammers, nuts, bolts and screws can transmit many things for potential buyers.
  • Cities – urban landscapes, buildings, shuttle people.
  • Nature – It’s an evidence that never agies for sale.
  • Travel – Tires from around the world are still in high demand.

7 Best Place Sell Photos Online


Shutterstock Best Places to Sell Photos, Shutterstock has been a popular site for more than 15 years to buy photos online. They have more than 200 million music images, videos and music trails for people to buy freedom of rights, which also means that they have millions of client purchases.

As a photographer, you can make money with this long-term market. According to their site, sellers on Shutterstock carried over more than $ 500 million in the world!

Shutterstock allows you to protect your protected copyrights. It is your responsibility to define the rights to your photos. Shutterstock also gives credit to the owners of the image, which is a major major who protects your property and markets your brand.

Once you become a on-site contributor, you start making money every time someone buys and downloads your content. As a contributor, you can make 20% to 30% of your image for sale, which Shutterstock pays monthly.

As Adobe Stock, Shutterstock does not require you to use its market exclusively. You could even consider selling on Adobe Stock and Shutterstock at the same time!

You can start here to submit your photos via their platform.

Adobe Stock (Fotolia)

Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia) is a marketplace photo of the most popular photo assembly software manufacturer, including Photoshop and Lightroom. This platform has existed for more than 10 years and known to be the very first online market for sale.

The thing you love most about Adobe Stock is their share of royalty, which is higher than other online stores.

The photos uploaded to Fotolia become part of the Adobe title library, which means they are also available in other Adobe applications and achieve millions of Adobe users and potential buyers.

Contributors make from 20% to 60% with Adobe Stock. And unlike other markets, Adobe Stock does not require you to give them exclusive sales rights to your images. So you can sell on the Adobe stock and other platforms at the same time.

Given that Adobe is, it is likely that Adobe Stock will continue to become a privileged destination for buyers and photography vendors.

You can start selling on the Adobe Stock site here.



Alamy is a website of the British Stock Photography, started in 1999. To date, it has more than 60 million photos and videos. There is a reason for this huge amount of content. And it is partly because of the payment of royalties of 50% on each photograph it sells.

Despite the big commissions, it also does not require you to sell you photos exclusively. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s one of the best choices to sell photos online.


iStock Photo

The iStock photo is a microstock branch of Getty Images. It’s a great place to sell photos if you just start because it’s a well-known site.

Istock also includes forums and popular resources that help you understand how to sell online photos. It’s quite useful if you feel desperately to know where to start.

The fee payment begins at 15% per download. It can increase to 45%, depending on the popularity of your photos. If a customer buys an image using their subscription credits, you only receive 15%.

If you are exclusive, the iStock photo will give you between 22 and 45%. This rate works on a contract with a period of 30 days notice.

Dreamstime sell photos online

Like iStock and Shutterstock, this agency is an ideal starting point if you want to sell photos online. It is friendly and the requirements are not as strict as its rivals.

What makes DreamStime Different is that you have to create and curb your galleries. In this way, you have more control over the sale of online photos. You can think of this agency more as a hosting site in this regard.

But of course, it does not mean that you can post about anything. Your submissions will always follow a screening process to ensure you do not violate the rules of the site. For example, you can not download violent or copyright content. But if you follow all the guidelines, you can expect to make money once your images online.

Your commissions start at 25% for a non-exclusive image and 27% for an exclusive option. But as you sell more photos, it can go up to 45% and 49.5% respectively.

Getty Images

This company may be the most prestigious on the list. As it was founded in 1995, it has become one of the world’s first stock and editorial photography websites.

As mentioned earlier, iStock is a microstock photography branch of Getty Image. But they sell high-end content through gettyimages that often sell thousands of dollars.

People pay a few dollars for an istock photo since her loyalty. But for Getty Images, they will have to buy a managed rights license. This means that you do not pay the images themselves, but the right to use them on specific platforms such as the Web or printing.

Due to its exclusive status, it can be difficult to enter Getty Images. To apply, you must submit six images. Getty then determines whether your material is suitable for iStock or Getty.

If you enter, you have the chance to win up to 20% commission. Photos on the site sell hundreds of dollars, so the percentage can make you a lot of profit.


For the most part, Bigstock contains all the features you can expect from MicroStock sites. On the surface, it’s like Shutterstock, Dreamstime or iStock. But what makes it a little different is his credit system. And so the sale of online photos using this platform is also unique.

People can buy photos with regular payment options. But as they do, they also earn credits that they can use to buy even more content on the site. This means that you have two ways to make money.

If users purchase online photos using credit, you get some amount. For example, you earn 50 cents for a small image and 3USD for an extra-large option. Meanwhile, your commission generally remains at 30% for every sale of BigStock partners.

When your content gets more downloads online, its price becomes higher, as well as your commission. For example, your photos will win 25 cents if people download them up to 199 times. But you can get 38 cents if people buy one of your images more than 50,000 times.

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