Alternatives Google Maps in 2021

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Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation applications, but there are many competitors that offer their own unique features. 
For example, Waze uses crowdsourced information to help you avoid threats, and the Citymapper app helps you understand the public transport network. Below we have compiled some iOS and Android mobile apps to help you get from A to B easily.
Five Google Maps alternatives that you can download for free 
1. Waze (ios, Android) 
Other Waze features include built-in support for music and podcasting apps (so you don't have to leave the app to control the audio), as well as real-time speed limit information. Download Waze for iOS Download Waze for Android 
2. (iOS, Android) 
In short: a navigation application that allows you to download maps in advance, so you can navigate in areas with no signal. Mapping apps are great until you lose your data connection. 
Therefore, if you are about to go astray or to a country where you don't have a calling plan, you should consider downloading before your trip. will allow you to download offline maps to your phone. 
It's not as reliable at finding your way as Google – it once guided the author down a muddy trail blocked by cows in Romania, instead of sticking to the highway, for example – but in situations when you're out and about, it's definitely better than being completely lost. 
This mobile app also offers driving directions to attractions and hiking trails, as well as a search feature that lets you find nearby restaurants, cafes, hotels, and attractions.
Download for iOS Download for Android 
3. Citymapper (iOS, Android) 
In short: compare your travel options and learn how to make turns on public transport. If you are visiting a big city like London, Paris or New York, regular maps often don't work as ultimately more important to master the complex public transport system. 
And here Citymapper excels: tell him where you want to go and he'll show you how to get there by train, bus, bike, taxi – and even a combination of all four. The app receives data in real time, so in case of railroad delays, it will be aware of it and propose a faster route instead. 
Citymapper will even show you where to stand on the platform if you want to get to your destination quickly. Download Citymapper for iOS Download Citymapper for Android 4. what3words (iOS, Android) In short: Find, share and save exact locations with a unique three-word code. 
What to do if you get stuck in a remote place and need to lead a rescue team? If there are no roads or landmarks nearby, it is difficult. One option is to share the GPS coordinates, but it would be a nightmare to read them on the phone. Another option is an app called what3words. The idea is simple: the entire world map is divided into small squares, and each square has a unique name made up of three common words. 
So instead of tediously listing your location as "10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA", you can simply say that you are on "slurs.this.shark". Download what3words for iOS Download what3words for Android 
5. GeoGuessr (iOS, Android) 
In short: a smartphone game that takes you to a random part of the world and asks you to guess where you are. GeoGuessr is not a navigation app, it's an addictive guessing game, available both as an app and online. 
As a player, you are parachuted in a random location from Google Street View, and your goal is to guess where you are by placing a pin on the map. It's devilishly addictive because the more you play, the more you discover subtle differences between places to narrow down your guesswork. 
Play enough and you will see the difference between the Turkish and Greek license plates, as well as the trees that set Canada apart from Norway. Download GeoGuessr for iOS Download GeoGuessr for Android
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