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what? A website created in 20 minutes. impossible? No, the providers that actually make this possible are shown from below. We checked, tested and played all the features. We have made the top list as comprehensive as possible. 

Wix is the best choice for most users. Website Builder is intuitive, suitable for beginners and advanced developers, and there are hundreds of templates that eliminate guesswork to beautify your new site.
A good website builder creates your vision of what a website wants for you. Simple and easy to make.And you don't have to pay any money at startup.
Website Builder helps you avoid the additional costs associated with hiring developers. Developers can be costly and often do not create your vision as you can.
 Instead, building a website is the perfect DIY solution.

 But wait, we are talking about a free website builder. I hear you ask, "Can I get the same quality as paying someone?" With

 Latest Free Website Builder, absolutely what you need is the home of your web store, blog, company's website, etc.

 Your only investment is time learning and building a house on the web.
 #1 – Wix
Optimal for most cases The incredible flexibility of over
300 templates creates the website of your dreams. No matter your business, set up your user website in minutes. 
Drag and drop images, text, and other elements into an unforgettable experience of website development.

 Wix offers a free website builder that is secondtonone. It powers over 100 million websites and the flexibility continues to amaze even the most cutting-edge users of this website builder. It's not just hundreds of templates that make

 Wix highly customizable. A drag-and-drop editor allows you to control pop-ups from web pages.
 So, you can create gorgeous web sites without knowing a single line of code.
 We also learned the fact that the complete handoff approach that Wix offers is great.

 If you don't want to spend time designing your site, Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) software will ask you a series of questions to design your Wix site.

 For example, Wix asks a few other questions about what industry you work in, what services and products you offer, before building the right site for you.

 Another point we really like is that we are able to take advantage of the hundreds of integrations available in the Wix app market. This is a feature that many other website builders do not offer at a free level. There are over 280,000 apps on the Wix App Marketplace.

 Plus, Wix offers free marketing tools and standard SEO optimizations to help you rank faster on Google and at the same time build organic web traffic.
 Wix includes more features along with web hosting, live chat widgets and free permanent site builder. What you can't get as part of the

 Free Plan is a user-defined URL. More information on the free version and plans can be found on

 # 2 –Weebly –Best Free Website Builder for Small Businesses

 Best Free Website Builder for Small Businesses, Dream Web with Amazing Flexibility of Over 300 Templates Create a site. No matter your business, Weebly

Weebly is a simple drag and drop website builder. It keeps your website modern and mobile friendly for free.

 Ideal for small businesses, Weebly makes it easy to set up an e-commerce website in an attractive online store. The

 Plus is a Square brand that allows easy integration with in-store payments or accounting. You can even incorporate in-store pickup options for your visitors.

 Weebly focuses on creating a functional, modern and results-centric web store. Pages can be customized to offer a variety of design and layout options.

 Inventory management is also included free of charge so you can track your products. The built-in SEO optimization can also improve Google's rankings, specify landing pages, and use contact forms as lead capture devices.

 And if you have any questions, you can get insights into the questions in the free community forums. You can also get free chat and email support.
 Weebly provides resources to build your business' ecommerce presence in the most efficient way.

 Whether you're starting a small online business or accessing your physical store to the Web, Weebly has everything you need to create a site today.

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