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Where will you go if you need a quick translation into another language? A friend or a dictionary of foreign languages? You can use a handy browser extension if you need to translate words frequently. But you may not want to install it or your company may not allow it.

 These free online translators are great for quickly translating words or sentences into another language. Some offer extra features that make them even better. When you find the best translator for your needs, don't forget to bookmark it so that it is always at hand. 

1. Google translate 
Text translation using googletranslate One of the most popular online translators is offered by Google. And if you're looking for translators on Google, his own handy tool will appear right above the search results. This means that you don't need to open another site. But if you need to translate a large amount of text, the Google Translate page is for you. You have more space for text, and you can choose how to enter it manually or from the keyboard. Other features you may like is saving, listening, sharing or copying the translated text. In addition, you can propose a proofreading if you believe the translation is incorrect. Google Translate supports over 100 languages.
 2. Bing translator 
microsoft bing translator Another famous name for translators is Bing, which uses Microsoft Translator. You can choose an input language or have the site automatically detect it as you type. If you have the microphone on, you can say the text you want to translate, which is convenient. After receiving the translation, you have the option to hear it aloud in a male or female voice, share it or search Bing with it. You can also mark the translation with your thumb or thumb down if you want to leave a small review. This translator offers over 60 languages. 
3. Translator 
Text translation with dictation translation At Translatedict, you can choose from over 50 languages and use automatic detection for your own dialect. Just enter a word, phrase or a large amount of text, select the target language and click the "Translate" button. You will see the translation and you can press the audio button to hear it aloud. If you are using translation in written communication, you'll see a useful number of words and symbols at the bottom. Great for texting or social media posts where you have limited space. Translatedict also provides areas exclusively for voice translator and text-to-speech functions. Alternatively, you can ask for professional translation assistance and get a quote by completing the online form. 
translation from is a good translator that uses Microsoft services but offers over 30 languages. You can use your voice or keyboard to enter text and then read or listen to the translation. If you think a translation needs proofreading, you can get a human translation containing the first 100 words for free. Just click the contact icon and log in or create an account. 
5. DeepL 
translator deep online translator DeepL Translator is a really cool tool with its definitions and auto-complete options. You can choose from 26 languages and when you get the translation, just double-click the word for more details. When you select this word in the translation, you will see a drop-down list with additional options. You can also look at the definition of the word that simultaneously appears at the bottom of the page. In addition, you will see examples of the use of this word in both the input and output languages. This is great if you are trying to learn the language you are translating into. 
6. Babylon online translator 
online translator While Babylon offers downloadable software for translation, you can also check its online option. With over 75 languages and a simple swap option, the site may not have other bells and whistles, but it's rumored to be fairly accurate. If a professional translator can help with your business situation, Babylon also offers this service. Just click the Human Translation button on the online translator page and you will be redirected to that section of the website for more information. 
7. PROMT online translator online translator The PROMT online translator does not offer as many languages as other translators. The list is currently limited to approximately 20 languages. But it also has other cool features. Use automatic language detection and even select a topic to translate. Then you can copy, paste, spell check or access the dictionary. There is also a virtual keyboard, so if you use the site on a tablet, for example, inserting words or sentences is very easy. PROMT also offers translation software that can be purchased and downloaded.
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