3 Ways How to Overcome HP Android Lag or Slow & Jams Suddenly

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How to Overcome HP Android Lag or Slow & Crashes Suddenly – The operating system that is currently booming is very tempting with a variety of very complete features to pamper its users. Who would have thought, behind the advantages of Android, the Android operating system can also experience slowness or lag, a situation where the smartphone experiences delays in carrying out commands. To solve this problem, we will provide a tutorial on how to overcome lag on Android as follows:

1. Update ROM or CusROM

After buying a new android smartphone, you start to feel that the android is getting very slow or lags. When the smartphone is new, it is very fast. But now starting to feel the lag, starting to see apps loading slowly. What is the solution? We tell you how to quickly fix Lag on Android, almost as fast as when you bought it.

2. Uninstall applications that are not too important

Every smartphone must have installed a system called ROM, now every ROM must have advantages and disadvantages. To fix this, try installing CusROM on your android. CusROM is an original ROM that has been repaired, usually made by a third party (not from the manufacturer). CusROM usually feels more comfortable and lighter.

Another way to overcome the lag is to delete applications that are not important. So that the internal memory and RAM on Android is more spacious. So it will feel more comfortable when used.

3. Upgrade Android System

Then, try upgrading the android system. Although the process is long, it doesn’t matter if this can indeed overcome the lag experienced by your android.

That’s the information related to How to Overcome HP Android Lag or Slow & Jams Suddenly. Hopefully enlightening, helpful and useful. Share if this information is important!

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