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Who are the best anime figures of all time? This list contains the topmost favorites in Manga, possibly all times. These are the classics, the most popular characters, including anime and manga protagonists 

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7 Rintarou Okabe (64.901 Votes)
 Moving the More Battles Heavy Series, This list occurs Scifi / Search / Visual Novel Rovn users, as it exudes the favorite MAD scientist of Anime and the head of the institution of the gadget future research, Rintarou Okabe. Rin is encapsulated in all that a Wrestling University / Student Student should strive.

is a freshman at the University of Tokyo Denki, who has decided to move his activities in Akihabara and open his own time travel research laboratory in which a group of Engineers so more is Otaku then is a scientist. Rin pulls fans with his eccentric and over top behavior, but absolutely holds the attention of the observer with his hidden level of sincerity and intrigues, while the series deeper dives in his own secrets in which a variety of high – concept, moral dilemmas of one Variety of high concept, spill that gives one to all interesting character enough to work together.

 6 Light Yagami (68,258 votes)
 On a similar note of high concept, moral questions and tension, the teenage droplet of humanity and the punisher is of everything that is angry, "Kira" light Yagami.  Light was once the pretty committee of his high school, whose social and family printing it only from the everyday elements of daily life more and more distant, until the possibility of a life was literally fell on the feet, and he would be a journey from world clearing and mass murder.
After finding death and entry into a company with the death of God Ryuk, the light now has the ability to kill someone everywhere by dictating their name and even wearing death in death notice. The identity of "Kira", used light is a new way to kill all the worst criminals in the world, which shows the closure of some while to start a global conspiracy / puzzle for others. With its ingenious level intellect and eccentric passion, light lead fans in one of the largest capitalouse of Anime Catandmouse has.
5 Edward Elri  (69,513 votes)
 Acting as a protagonist to one of the biggest shouous anime of all time, which brought "Full Metal Alchemist" Edward Elrric fans equally sharing, Underdog passion and moral contradictory human drama, as other shouages – Do not reach protagonists.  
After an alchemy experiment went wrong, who captured him without an arm left and soul in a suitcase, Ed fans brother has an absolutely beautiful journey of existential and religious drama, political intriguration, heartbreaking friendships and epic, high concept Alchemy Battles. Despite his arrogant, loudest nature, Edward Elric was the face of an adventure that anime fans bathed everywhere in the light for a happy end.
4 Levi Ackerman (71,809 votes)
 Continue on a master's or leaves of another race is the strongest soldier of humanity and captain of the Legal Department and the Special Operations Squad, Levi Ackerman. Since his introduction Levi has earned more than just the fans love, when he had taken their respect as his role as a cold, strictly coupled captain fear to make almost full coat plain, but are mitigated by his tactful nature and sincere concern for his mission and team.

 In addition to a leadership that the viewers are attention, Levi is also an incredible hunter on the battlefield, because he is part of the most intense moments of Titan on Titans and other soldiers.  Anyone who misses this man with his short shape can quickly be at the wrong end of a knife.
3 Monkey D. Luffy  (77,532 votes)
 Applicable to # 3 is the leader of Shounen Jumps "Big Three Three", the Captain of the Cane has Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy.
 The son of a notorious revolutionary and grandson of a beloved Marinian, the Luffy, surprisingly, had a modest start, as only a small child watched his pirate heroes, "red-haired" waves.  After the meal of the rubber fruit and lifted by bandits, Luff leads to lead his own journey to become the king of the pirates, leaving a sweet crew of outer ladders and expelled to leave that the series has used with a lot of personality.

 and no other member of this team has more personality than the captain itself, because the fun, simple, simple rubber man smile, wine and awe, like Ruffy, as a ruffy, as Luffy, like Ruffy, like Ruffy, like Ruffy, like Ruffy, like Ruffy, like Luffy, like Luffy Luffy, like Luffy Luffy Lult`s personal brand of justice and freedom are as provocative as they spread. Luffy's just a man who hard to hate, with a Shouage protagonists stand in a snake, but his own personal taste promotes the acceptance and dreams in a way that other shoots protagonists are simply not ready.

2 L Lawliette (92,662 Votes)
Surpassing its main character trailer is foil of the Light Yagami and the largest detective of the world, Lawlite. It is no wonder I get so many voices as he did it when he has only an aesthetic character.  Whether it's about its high level intelligence, eccentric personality, out-of-centric attitude or sweet dental diet, I just live an impression on the viewer of the viewer, which is definitely 
contributing to the intrigues of an already fascinating tension series.
 beyond just matching light in intelligence, I'm just a perfect foil in aesthetics, as its social impartial and strange aura armed him for slight strategic and social thinking. To deal with the child, each of the outCCESS keeps it hard to look away from him, I win strangely in a great popularity game.
 1 Lelouch Lamperouge   (112.860 Votes)
The number 1 classification is a complex characteristic character in one of the most structured and multi-faceted souls. Lelouch Lamperoouge was a given moment a Prince 17 online at the throne who resigned the status of him after his mother's murder and the paralyzing of his sister. 
Having been a political hostage in exile in Japan as a student, Lelouch has found his possibility of revenge and redemption when he stumbled on DC, a mysterious girl gives him the power of joints, a strange skill that allows him to dictate the actions of Anyone.
 Once.with the new gift of him, Lelouch continues on a reimbursement and destruction path, since he becomes the leader of the revolutionary group, the order of black knights, he finds himself and betrays him friends of him and kills hundreds and thousands of people in the process. Seeing what kind of man becomes, since he leaves on the other side, he is only quite exciting to bring fans through a deep moral analysis and a human drama. 

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