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What are the most popular social media apps for 2021? Top apps, trends and rising stars 
 stay here with me. The first are some Bigname stars that they recognize, but we would not complete the list without you! However, they stay a scroll and find a series of surprising decisions and rising stars. 
 1. Facebook 
 with more than 2.7 billion active users (mouse) Facebook is an absolute must for every brand. Note that younger generations of Facebook shoot in favor of other platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram so that you can always consider your audience. 
 2. Instagram 
 Instagram is another critical platform for 2021. If one of the mood-bearing social media apps in Instagram has 1.2 billion mouse. Fresh functions such as Instagram roles suggest that the platform is still growing and enough expands enough. 
 3.  Twitter 
 Honestly, Twitter is not the most profitable platform. Tweets have a great short life. If you are not in the media or message activities, it is difficult to keep track. However, there is a place Twitter-Shines: Customer Service. It is often the first contact for customers who need a quick response.  
 4. Tiktok 
 Tiktok has more than 700 million mum worldwide and still has enough space for growth. The potential for fast organic range is too good to accommodate both brands and users. In addition, the videos just fun. Can not say that! 
 5.  YouTube 
 YouTube is in the moment a search engine in the time a social media platform – and the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube`s Sefriend tags, descriptions, queues and titles make it a particularly friendly platform for brands with an excellent strategy. 
6. wechat
 If you like most people, think about Wechat than more than a messenger app as a top social media app, which has changed over the years. Wechat is now a general social network that looks like Facebook. And because more Facebook users are frustrated by the app, weighing.  
 7. WhatsApp 
 WhatsApp groups, stories and pagestyle feeds make it an attractive platform for brands. A thing. WhatsApp falls from similar top social media apps in relation to safety and with Zuckerberg to the helmet, do not expect to change. 
 8.  MEWE 
 MEWE is often buried with anti-recruitment and consuming heating equipment, but it also began to get the terrain with people who are just tired by Facebook. Plus, Mewe recently handed over a Pivot point as a Privacy Centric Business platform, so it's worth at least. 
 9. Tumblr 
 Tumblr's active users have existed in the last two years after the Jensody has initiated some content restrictions. It is worth noting that Tumblr today is a friend for young target groups and niche-fandome.  
 10. Reddit 
 does not underestimate the reddit! Anonymous booking and hyperspecific communities make reddit one of the best social media apps to explore and comply with their audience. Just try to place advertising companies unless they have a dedicated brand of polluted. They are prohibited elsewhere. 
Refference : Kubbc

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